Sunday, 28 July 2013

Maria Duffy " The Letter "

Again, Thanks to Lisa for the advance copy and introducing me to the wonderful work of Maria Duffy.
Such a wonderfully light and easy read and I have a copy of her previous book to sink my teeth into soon.

My Review

Ellie is getting married and off to New York with her two best friends for the Hen Party. Finding a letter addressed to her dead sister, while clearing out her old room, sets in motion a very different trip to The Big Apple than expected. This is Maria Duffy's third book and its a little gem! Lighthearted, warm and perfect for a day at the beach or at a window seat while listening to the rain. The storyline held my interest all the way through and the trip to New York really made me want to visit again ( even just for the Waldorf Salad ). The author's love of Glasnevin and its surrounding areas really show her love of Dublin and reminded me of day trips I had as a child. Ellie's friends are two different types of characters but both are equally endearing. Her family sound a little too perfect for my liking, as does her fiancĂ©e but other than that, I couldn't fault Maria's style at all. Will look toward to her next book...... 

The Letter is published by Hachette Ireland and is available in paperback and ebook format

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