Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sinead Moriarty " Mad About You "

I was asked to do a guest review of this book recently by my good friend Lisa whos great blog has inspired us to start our own little blog.

I am a big fan of Sinead Moriarty since her first book over 10 years ago.  When I heard she had written a new instalment of this series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy.  Thankfully, Lisa stepped in and gave me a copy to review for her blog. Thanks Lisa - You have created a monster!!

My Review
After 10 years of Marriage, two children and career changes, Emma and James find themselves relocated to London for James' new job as coach to London Irish Rugby Club. While Emma struggles with loneliness and looking after her young kids, James is getting home later and later from work.  When James starts getting sextexts from an unknown number, Emma fears the worst. Then the parcels start arriving to their home and panic sets in...... Mad About You is Sinead Moriarty's ninth novel. She introduced Emma and James in the 1990s so readers of the previous novels will remember Emma's wacky sister, Babs , as well as their best friends, Lucy and Donal. However, if you haven't read the previous novels it doesn't affect the enjoyment of this one. The author has introduced some great new characters and I especially loved Poppy, who is a forty something DivorcĂ©e on the hunt for a man with money. Should Sinead write another novel in this series, I would love if she developed the new characters more! I could feel Emma's frustration when she read the text messages and received inappropriate gifts in the post. The description of her heart pounding away like mad seemed so real. Good read for the summer, especially if you are of a certain age and a bit of a worrier!!

Mad About You is published by Penguin Ireland and is available in Paperback and ebook format. 

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