Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Family That Reads Together .....

This is my first blog and you will have to forgive me if  I'm doing something wrong or completely pre-historic in my approach.

We are a family of 6 and this can increase at any given time as we are also a Foster Family. Myself and Hubby are both 41.... He works full time and I stay at home to look after kiddies, dogs and Bleach House in general.

Before we renovated the house, I dreamt of having a library in one of the rooms.  I finally have it !!
It's not like the library from Disney's Beauty and The Beast, ( My dream room ) but, it has an open working fireplace, double doors to the garden and is in Alphabetical Order :)

I will add books as I read them and also some reviews of books I have previously read.
My whole family want to get  involved reviewing the books so they will each post their own reviews, in their own words. The youngest child at the moment is 6 years old and our eldest living at home is 15.
My amazing first born is no longer living at home, but will guest review from time to time.

I hope to update 2-3 books per week and when I do, please feel free to leave us a comment ( remembering that children also read this blog, so discretion appreciated ).

I can also be contacted via email should you have any questions or on Twitter

Wish us luck and Happy Reading from all at Bleach House Library !!!!


  1. Your eldest will guest review?? Will she receive a monetary supplement for same? ;)
    Love ya biyatch!

    1. Hello Kitty ;)
      I'm sure my eldest will just enjoy the joy of reading a book and not having to pay for it !!!


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