Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tommy Donbavand " Fangs Vampire Spy. Operation: Golden Bum

Tommy Donbavand " Fangs Vampire Spy - Operation: Golden Bum

Review by Mia Madden, age 9

Special Agent Fangs Enigma is a vampire spy and with his friend Puppy Brown they are out to catch the bad guys.
These two guys watch people's behaviour to spot the baddies, they sneak a tracking device on to them, and then watch them on their computer.  
In Operation: Golden Bum , they have to battle in a farting competition to stay alive and defeat the bad guys.

I would recommend this for age 8 and up as some hard words in it. It has nice big writing and some pictures which means this book is perfect for the younger reader.

This is a very funny book which I really enjoyed and can't wait for the rest of the series.

Thanks to Lisa from for the book proof !!!!

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