Thursday, 8 August 2013

" Gone Girl " by Gillian Flynn

Having heard so much about this book, from both the media and friends, I was delighted to be given a copy recently and immediately rushed to my " indoor office " to get started.......

The blurb on the back says " The addictive No.1 US Bestseller that everyone is talking about ",
" Gone Girl is a book you'll be begging other people to read, just so you can discuss it with them ".

I find myself dying to ask people why it has been "Thriller of the year" and is it a case of the hype taking over?

The premise of the story is a strong one : Man comes home to find front door open, furniture overturned as if part of a struggle and his Wife missing. It seems all was not perfect in the marriage but then again, how many marriages can says that they are perfect?
It is obvious from the start that the police are seeing Nick, The Husband,  as their prime/only suspect and after some pretty disastrous television appearances and an ill timed photo leaked to the press, the public are not convinced of his innocence.  Amy, said Gone Girl, had a priviliged and quasi-famous upbringing so the case receives notoriety from the Get Go. Her parents stand by Nick and make heartfelt appeals for her return.
But as the tagline on the cover states : " There are two sides to every story " and the second half of the book shows how appearances can be overly deceptive.

The whole book is interlaced with extracts from Amy's diary and delves deep into the minds of both Nick and Amy respectively. Nick's sister Go ( short for Margo, I found it hard to see Go as a name of a character and it began to really annoy me. eg: " Go moved into our old house, and we slowly relocated our toys, piecemeal, to The Bar : A Strawberry Shortcake doll, now scentless, pops up on a stool one day (my gift to Go). A tiny Hot Wheels El Camino, one wheel missing, appears on a shelf in the corner (Go's to me).....
"Go, I enjoy this revisionist history in which you're Amy's champion" - maybe it didn't bother most readers, but I really felt very distracted by it.)
As the days pass and there are no leads in the case, the reader starts to question the seemingly weak police presence and then the immediate appearance of a topclass lawyer who drops everything to go on a wild goose chase with his client.

The twists and turns are frequent and cleverly written and I envy Gillian Flynn her ability to reach into the minds of some dark and twisted souls and turn it into entertainment.  All in all, it was not my favourite book of the month, never mind the year, and I was disappointed that I did not feel the compulsion to buy several copies for friends or start tweeting about how wonderful it was.  The hype surrounding this book had set my expectations way too far.

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