Thursday, 29 August 2013

" Love is the Easy Bit " by Mary Grehan

Thanks to Penguin Ireland for the review copy of this book........

The cover of this book led me to believe I was about to read some chic-lit but this book is far from that genre.

Sylvia is a former artist who is now a full time mother.  Her husband JP is the warm and caring parent that she has never been.  After a C-Section birth 11 years previously, Sylvia has struggled to be a "normal" mother and has bouts of depression than can crush her.  
On a family trip to visit her Mother, Sylvia feels smothered and seeks escape.  She is withdrawn and distant and looks to her past loves for answers. 
The writing is precise and descriptive but I just could not take to Sylvia or her self centered pity and woe.
While I am aware that depression can make a person feel dragged down in life, I cannot see why dragging your family down with you would seem like an option.

I felt frustrated with Sylvia's mother for seemingly treating her "sensitive" daughter differently for most of her life.  I felt empathy for JP who is just trying to do his best, and has been for at least 11 years.  Most of all, I felt sorrow for Sylvia's daughter, Kate , who has never looked to her mother for advice, reassurance or love. 

I suppose all these feelings mean that the author has created characters that are quiet real and memorable. This is obviously a sign of a good writer and for this I congratulate Irish author Mary Grehan and look forward to reading her second novel.

This book is published by Penguin Books and is currently available from all good book retailers.

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