Sunday, 11 August 2013

"The Disappearance of Emily Marr" by Louise Candish

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I had heard good things about this book and was looking forward to getting a hand on a pre-release copy so I could review it. I started after midnight and would have read straight through if it wasn't for the fact I had 
 to mind 5 kids the next day.  However, the next day, the sun shone and plonked myself in my outdoor office ( my sun lounger ) and got stuck in.
This book should come with a health warning : You may not eat/drink/sleep for many hours!! I even got takeaway for dinner as I couldn't bear to put it down for more than a few minutes at a time...

Running from a broken relationship and low on cash, Tabby finds herself in a little village off the Coast of France. While wandering the streets wondering where she can sleep, she overhears an English woman repeating her access code to her apartment.  As the woman appears to be heading off somewhere with a large bag, Tabby seizes the opportunity and lets herself in. 

Meanwhile, the book splits into two stories, Tabby's and the apartment owner's, Emmie.
The two women become unexpected flatmates and unlikely friends.  Emmie obviously has a story to tell but   it is only through snooping and surfing the internet that Tabby can try to discover what is making her so reclusive and withdrawn.

The girl's stories are set in both France and England and while there are some similarities in their lives, the reader starts to wonder if it's a good thing that they met at all?

This is a wonderfully warm novel with a nice easy pace and enough bite to make you want to keep reading. The character of Emily Marr is well described and you genuinely feel like you may know her and why she chooses to disappear.  The descriptions of her life before the disappearance are well thought out and give her some depth which I think is needed for the main storyline.

The character, Nina, is hateful. Angry, bitter and hell bent on revenge she doesn't care who she mows down on the way.  Her anger hops off the pages and becomes quite understandable as the story unfolds.

This is a great Summer read, full of surprises, wonderful writing and would be ideal for bookclub discussions. It also has Reading Group Questions at the end which is a nice bonus. The only fault I would have is the lack of description of the French island.  I would have liked to get a bit more of the sense of the place, the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere. Other than that ,a lovely novel and perfect for holidays!

The Disappearance of Emily Marr was released by Sphere Books on 1 Aug 2013

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