Monday, 23 September 2013

The Reluctant Assasin (WARP Book One) by Eoin Colfer

Guest review by Matthew Fitzsimons

This is about a boy and a girl from two different times who have nothing to do with each other until one day a man appears in the warp pod with a monkey arm and a bloody knife sticking out of his chest and everything changes. Riley is a young 14 year old Victorian gutter orphan in London in 1898. He is the apprentice of a sinister Victorian assassin called Albert Garrick, who Riley claims is death himself. Chevie Savano is a 17 year old orphan who is a Junior F.B.I agent of Native American origin from the twenty-first century. She has been deported to London because she messed up an F.B.I mission in a high school and has been ordered to help Agent Orange monitor a top secret W.A.R.P (Witness Anonymous Relocation Program) (hiding witnesses in the past to protect the future.)Pod.

Chevie is monitoring the warp pod when suddenly electric blue sparks fly and the computer control panels go crazy like in some cheesy 1980s movie, but this is real. The shock is like a mini earthquake and the pod is using so much energy it causes half of London to fall into darkness and all of London’s finest racing down the street sirens blaring. Then the man appears in the pod. Soon after Agent Orange and a fully armed specially trained Hazmat team go back in time on the pod to clear up any evidence that the dead man lived there. But what they do not know is that Garrick is waiting for them. When they arrive in 1898 Garrick quickly and brutally dispatches them despite only being armed with a knife. Somehow Garrick manages to go forward in time where he hunts down Riley and Chevie. He chases them through modern London and Victorian London desperate to kill them. Chevie and Riley know that if they do not manage to kill Garrick he will kill them and be armed with twenty-first century knowledge in the nineteenth century that could change the course of history forever!!!

I really enjoyed this book.  Like most books it starts off quite boring but quickly escalates into an action packed thriller. You can feel how terrified Riley is of Garrick. This book is a great read especially if you like action and Sci-fi. I would recommend it for people ages 12+ as the plot would be a bit confusing at times for younger and unconfident readers but for confident readers it is a great book. Eoin Colfer is one of my favourite writers and never fails to impress, this book was no exception. It was an amazing book.

Reviewed by Matthew Fitzsimons age 13

W.A.R.P The Reluctant Assassin is published by Puffin Books

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