Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Guest Post - " Madame Part One - Bittersweet Goodbyes " by Patrick Lorcan Woods

Thanks to Fidelma Maher from Esquire's Book Club for this review.......

“Madame is set in Ireland in the early 1940’s. Its a story set around three central characters namely “Madame”, “Nathan” and “Fr. Peter”. Madame is the woman who Fr. Peter entrusts five boys to be secretly cared for in a homely environment in a place called Glendora, outside Dublin. We do not know the real reason why the boys are to be reared by this Protestant woman, only the fact that it is a secret tightly kept by the Catholic clergy in impoverished Glendora. As the story enfolds, secrets emerge from the local workhouse as the five children’s lives are entwined with them and Fr. Peter and the other clergy, who run the workhouse. This story takes on a few twists and turns, while addressing issues of clerical abuse and ultimate neglect. There are many characters which makes the story a bit confusing at times, but it also makes it real. I enjoyed this book but found it a bit too gritty and explicit at times because of real-life events which have emerged in recent times regarding clerical abuse. The authors writing style is fluid and descriptive but gets a bit contrived and slow in the middle but regains pace towards the end. The story is enjoyable and as its the first part of a trilogy I am looking forward to reading part two .”


  1. Hi This is Lorcan the writer of Bittersweet goodbyes, I just wanted to emphasise that the Clerical abuse is more mental than sexual...thanks.

    1. Hi Lorcan,
      Thanks for that, will leave your comment here so readers will know that....


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