Monday, 28 October 2013

" Into The Darkest Corner " by Elizabeth Haynes

Guest review by Louise O'Reilly

The story is about Catherine, who having enjoyed the single life for some time, knew a great catch when she saw one.
Charming, gorgeous, charismatic - Lee seems almost too good to be true. And her friends clearly agree, as one by one, they fall under his spell.  But Lee's erratic and sometimes controlling behaviour makes Catherine feel increasingly isolated.  She is driven "Into the darkest corner" and has to plan an escape.
Four years later, when she seems to have gotten her life back, and is struggling to overcome her demons, she dares to believe she might be safe from harm. Until, one phone call turns her world upside down.

Well, to say this was nail biting is a complete understatement. I loved this book from the first page.
It was brilliantly written and compelling from the first word.
So well written, I could actually "feel" Cathy's fear and anxiety - if that makes sense.
I loved the way the chapters were alternated to before and after the attack.
It was fascinating to see how she got control back and reclaimed her life.
Lee was a complete charmer and you could really understand how she fell for him and ended up under his control.
The way Cathy lost touch with her friends, happens to us all, but again, Lee was to blame as he chose to control them aswell, and unfortunately, they fell for it.

I hated finishing the book am waiting for the next one.......

"Into The Darkest Corner" is published by Myriad Editions and is available in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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