Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Week In Words - Day 2 with

Tuesday -

Same morning routine on all school days.  Today I have History class so like yesterday , arrive at 9.40 and get straight into Mussolini and the History of Irish Gaelic Games Association (GAA).  Finding it hard to concentrate as had a late night with one of the kid's non-stop nosebleeds.  
Had a piece published on a fellow bloggers site ( and my Twitter and email are really busy with wonderful posts from followers who loved the article ( On reading with foster children ). Have updated Blog to include the piece.  Then receive some great comments about this "week in words" feature.  Love busy Social media days :)
However, also lots of missed calls from social workers and Foster child's GP about some tests that need to be run. Try to return them during short break but they are now not able to take my call.   

After class, I head home, do lots of boring housework and head off to collect kids from school.  Mad dash back as have to bring youngest foster child to visit her Mother once a week at 3pm.  Barely have time to get her changed out of uniform and we are off again.  Have to bring my own daughter with me as no one to mind her so then have to hang around the local town for almost three hours.  Hard to entertain a 10 year old for that long every week, so today brought my Kindle for her to use in coffee shop, while I read.  Finally get through to Doctor and Social Worker.

Pick up foster child from her supervised visit and return home. She has a mobile phone from her Mother so I need to make sure it has no SIM or facility for accepting calls as this is not allowed. Seems ok but there are lots of videos and photos which may lead to a change in mood later. 
Two elder kids have since returned home from school and I get homework started with younger ones while also cooking dinner.  My homework will have to wait as no time.  Got most of novel read last night but still a bit behind for review.  Was hoping to have done tonight.

Answer some emails from publishers re new releases and some upcoming blog interviews/blog tours.  Also go through today's post which brought some fab new titles for review and some lovely handwritten notes from authors. Go back on Twitter to thank everyone and post some photos etc.

Will copy and paste yesterday's week with words feature to my blog later on when kids in bed, and hopefully get a chance to actually talk to husband later :)

Bed and book will finish me off for the night.....Very tired so will be lucky to get 100 pages read.  Ah well, there's always tomorrow!

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