Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Week In Words- Day 3 . With

Wednesday -

After house cleared of children this morning, I managed to get over an hours reading done.  Finished " The Drowning Pool" by Syd Moore.  Updated Goodreads and went off for lunch with a friend.  
My internet was playing up so caught up on dreaded housework.  
When I was back online I caught up on emails ( lots of new review requests and press releases to be downloaded ), updated twitter and facebook.  Then got stuck into reviewing the newly finished book.  When I had finished loading it to my Blog, I then tweeted copy to author.  Within minutes she had contacted me with actual photos she had used as part of her research for the book, and that I had coincidentally quoted in the review.  I ask permission to use these photos on my blog and she graciously agreed.  They are amazing photos and the reaction from the updated review was just great! 
I am hoping the author will come and stay in Bleach House the next time she comes to Ireland, as I have a b&b which is actually situated in our library and could have an author night like I had last month.

Picked up 2 youngest from school, made lunch and started on my legendary homemade lasagne ( takes 2 hours).  More housework and basic refereeing with children.
Started work on setting up FeedMyReadsIreland and hope I am not taking on too much.....
Was meant to practice cello as didn't get a chance over weekend but my phone/email/twitter/fb are hopping !!!

Eldest kids home from school and chat about their day.  Get dinner and supervise homework.  I had no school today so none for me.
Will do second dinner now for husband and then treat myself to long soak in bath.  It's getting cold this week and we live in a very windy area.  Could be perfect location for a spooky thriller if I ever get around to writing it!!

Have selected new book to read and review and will start that tonight. 

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