Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Week In Words - Day 4 With


Dispatched kids as usual and headed off to English class.  I have skipped a year so was looking forward to getting a bit more of a challenge.  I wasn't disappointed!  Lots of new reading material, some old, some new and lots of essays to write.  I'm actually in my element....
Finished class and drove home enjoying the sunshine over the green fields that surround the motorway. Feeling very positive today :)

Grabbed a quick bite and did some homework.  Got a bit of housework done before heading off to collect kids.  Spoke to Principle about a planned visit by yours truly to the school to have a 3rd and 4th year discussion about book blogs and reviewing, which I hope will promote reading locally.  This is scheduled for November so must get planning.

Returned home and fed younger kids while I caught up on FB, Twitter and Blog.  Started the Irish version of Feed My Reads last night and trying to get to grips with the FB page as I'm not great on the auld computer ;)

More housework, some transferring of books sent from publishers to my Kindle and some pre-review posts to edit.
Even managed to fit in cello practice today, although, after my Red Setter knocked the cello over with his tail, it doesn't sound very tuned :(

Way behind on dinner so will have to lash something together and hope they don't notice it's lack of planning!
Lots of calls made to rearrange appointments for foster child, now that I have changed my English class days.

Off to read Claire Allen's new book " The First Time I Said Goodbye " ( She is a great Irish Author who is very chatty on Twitter ) which I received the other day for review.  Lovely handwritten note inside thanking me for my support and I feel sooooo special :))

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