Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Week In Words - guest post on FeedMyReads.Blogspot.com - Day 1

I noticed a lovely feature on Feed My Reads.blogspot.com which was called My Week In Words, where Authors, bloggers and lots of folks from the publishing world were asked to write down their week in words.......This sounded like so much fun, I asked if I could partake :)  Luckily, the agreed, despite my lack of published work !!

Here is day one -

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Book Week in Words with Margaret from bleachhouselibrary.blogspot.ie

Here is a little blog posting for My Book Week in Words with Margaret frombleachhouselibrary.blogspot.ie 

Monday - 

A typical start to a school day in Bleach House. 
My Husband wakes me at 7.45 and then heads off to work.  I drag myself from my bed and the mayhem begins..... 4 kids living at home who are of school going age. I am a foster carer but also have 4 kids of my own.  The two older ones can organise themselves but the two younger ones are a bit of a challenge sometimes.  Luckily, today there is no major drama and they head off at 8.45.  After sorting out the 3 mad dogs and getting myself in gear, I head off to my English Class which is a 40 minute drive away.( I have just gone back to school part-time, to study English and History ).  I arrive at 9.40 for a class that is meant to start at 9.00 but this is the best I can do. I forget all the chores I will have to face on my return, and get stuck in ! I even manage to check and update Twitter, Facebook and answer some emails during break. 
After 3 hours, its time to head home and by the time I get back, I remember I haven't eaten since lunchtime yesterday - Grab a sandwich from shops and have with nice cup of tea while watching re run of last night's X Factor ( fast forward all the sobbing storylines ).
Post arrives and there is a beautiful new book from Clare Allen ( Irish Author ) for me to review. I LOVE getting books in the post!
At 2.40 it's time to collect 2 youngest from school and today is their book fair.  Despite having 1000s of books in the house, we still come home with more!
Give them lunch, and do homework with them before I tackle my own.  Clean up after lunch and then choose a winner for a giveaway I have run on my blog.  Contact winner and update Twitter, Facebook and Blog.
Ring a few friends while hanging out washing and loading another lot in to the machine. Contact a foster parent, who has a difficult placement,  to see how she is getting on.
Older kids now home from school and I actually escape to my room for a bit of quiet while younger kids play.  Halfway through a novel to review for blog and get some more read. 
Dinner time and while they eat, I fold clothes and sort into 7 different piles for various bedrooms. Will have to make another dinner later for Husband when he gets home at 7.45.  
It's then bath time for two youngest. I will have another quick read while they play before bedtime, then when they have gone to bed, I will retire to my own bed and hopefully finish novel.  Will keep an eye on Twitter etc for any book related updates and eventually fall asleep before midnight.
Not a bad day, quiet calm actually.

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