Monday, 21 October 2013

" Rescue Me, Maybe " by Jackie Bouchard

I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

This is a story of loss and new beginnings.
Jane's husband, Ryan, has just passed away after an illness.  She is in a battle over his ashes with his Mother and her beloved dog has died.  Deciding to leave Philadelphia, and all it's bad memories, she offers to help out at her Aunt and Uncle's B&B while she plans her next move.  A big change in lifestyle from the corporate world she is used to, the relaxed ways of the B&B are a welcome change for her and she soon settles into a nice steady routine.  Part of this new life includes Maybe, a dog that Jane had rescued from a truck stop on the way to her Aunt's.  Maybe is drawn to Jane and the two are soon inseparable.  To Jane's horror, Maybe becomes ill and all the memories, that she had thought were left behind, resurface.

Jackie Bouchard is an obvious dog lover who helps the reader see the joy and happiness that a well loved pet can offer.  While it is difficult to see how Jane can miss her dog more than her husband, I can definitely identify with the pain of losing a furry best friend.

The writing is steady, moves at a nice pace and includes some great lists, drawn up by Jane, on how to move on with her life.  No big surprises, but a very enjoyable read  for anyone who loves, or have loved, their family pet.
Perfect for fans of Marley & Me.....

Jackie can be contacted via Twitter @JackieBouchard or her website

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