Monday, 18 November 2013

" A Cinderella Christmas " by Holly Kingston

Thanks to Novelicious for the review copy of this book.

The Christmas Pantomime season has arrived and this year Lucy has been "promoted" from chorus girl to the very important role of.......the rear end of the comic cow. She must spend the season bent over behind her pal, Ben and learn to tap dance in unison, while wearing udders.  Not the glamorous role she had envisioned.
The Panto's stars, Charmaine and Ryan, are both well known personalities and have the egos to match.  Lucy volunteers to dogsit Charmaine's handbag sized pet and ends up spending more time looking after the Reality TV star than the dog.
Ryan, all spray tanned and groomed to within an inch of his life, is Lucy's secret crush and she can't believe she is getting to hang out with him on a daily basis.  He even seems to be interested in her, cow costume and all.

This short book is a perfect little read for the Christmas period.  It has everything a Chic-lit novel needs; great characters, simple storyline and a fair helping of feel good moments.  I love the way the author pokes fun at TV stars and their Diva lifestyles but shows that everything is not always what it seems.

Lucy and Ben are the balancing act and are charming and fun. One of the stars of the book is Charmaine's Chihuahua , Lenin. You can almost picture his antics in the Dressing Room and visualize the poor thing in his Christmas outfit....

This is Holly Kingston's first full length novel and I hope we will get to read more of her books very soon.

The author can be contacted via Facebook at HollyKingstonWriter or on Twitter @HollyKWriter
"A Cinderella Christmas" is published by Novelicious Books and is available from 15 Nov 2013

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