Friday, 27 December 2013

" Confessions Of A Hostie " by Danielle Hugh

I received a copy of this from Net Galley for review purposes.

Ever wondered what those glamorous Cabin Crew get up to when they land? What they are really thinking as they pass over the drinks and do their safety demonstrations?  As I worked for an airline for 11 years,  I already knew the answers to these questions but as I was based on the ground,  I was curious to see if it was different in the air.....

Danielle Hugh ( not her real name ) has written a short and sharp account of life both on and off duty.  The book is divided into little stories/chapters and, as she travels to different destinations and works with different crew members, the reader gets a taster of what the life of an International Hostie is really like.  The jetlag, food poisoning, bitchy staff, flight delays and last minute rostering are just some of the downsides of the job.  The upsides are also mentioned.  Amazing locations, best of hotels, some great friends and lots of shopping!

This is a perfect read for anyone who has thought they would like to be cabin crew.  Would you have the patience to deal with some of the irate, drunk or just pure mad passengers.  Not even for a few minutes, but for hours on end?  Danielle is a little judgmental and comes across as a bit shallow, but as a single girl, she only has herself to worry about.

While the writing is a bit sloppy and, at times, repetitive ( especially when referring to a not-so-bright passenger towards the end of the book ), it is a nice easy read and perfect to dip into for shorts periods of time.  Ideal for a handbag or a short train/bus journey.  Maybe hide the cover if you are reading onboard a flight :)

Published by Monsoon Books.  Available as e-book.

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