Wednesday, 11 December 2013

" Incitement " by David Graham. Reviewed by Declan Madden

We received a copy of this book from the author for review purposes......

Incitement by David Graham is the winner of The John Murray Show, RTÉ Radio/ RTÉ Guide/ Kazoo Competition .

This thriller set in the illegal narcotics trade sees DEA agent Diane Mesi investigating a war between two groups battling for supremacy . Michael Larsen is the ex-soldier and mercenary hired to drive this war in order to destroy both sides . Mesi suspects the violence is being dictated by a third party but finds it hard to get support from her agency and is running out of chances to prove her point . What is not clear to either is that both are being manipulated by  a higher force who has a different endgame in play and will stop at nothing to achieve this .

This is a fast-paced thriller with plenty of twists along the way . I found it well researched and for a debut novel is very assured . The novel moves easily from South America via Mexico to the United States and keeps the reader engaged along the way .It's a real page turner with good set-pieces along the way and a strong cast of characters . I could see this being turned into a movie and I have even tried to cast the main characters for a bit of fun .

I would highly recommend this novel and look forward to reading more in the future from the author .

Incitement is published by Andromoda Publishing and is available in paperback and ebook format

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