Monday, 16 December 2013

" The Reaper " by Steven Dunne

I came across this author on Twitter and having read the synopsis of his books, decided to read them in order and The Reaper was the first one.

Detective Inspector Damon Brook is trying to move on with his life.  Having suffered a breakdown, a broken marriage and struggling to forget a case he was involved with, years before, he moves to the North of England for a fresh start.  Unfortunately, the old case comes back to haunt him as it seems the killer, who he had nicknamed The Reaper, is back. But he has also moved North.....perhaps to be closer to Brook?

DI Brook is a likable character, who keeps to himself and just wants to get the job done. A tired, worn down and disheartened DI who is sick of office politics and cannot switch off his memories.  He is assisted by a young WPC and the attraction between them is obvious but does not interfere with the storyline, unlike in other crime thrillers.  The character list widens from about half way through the book as we are introduced to the suspect and his intense and twisted mind.  DI Brook is well on par with him and the interactions between them are tense and chilling without the usual fanfare of this genre.
Some graphic descriptions are used so if you are upset by this kind of thing, use your readers inner censorship.  As the body count increased, so did my longing to know more.  A real page turner with some well written prose, this novel has definitely made me want to read the next of Steven Dunne's books.

Similar in style to early Michael Connolly and later Karin Slaughter, I recommend you give this English author a will be pleasantly surprised!

The Reaper is published by Avon and is available in paperback and ebook format.
Steven Dunne can be contacted on Twitter @ReaperSteven

His other books are also available : The Disciple, Deity and The Unquiet Grave.

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  1. Wow I want to read this now, it takes me ages to read because of my limited concentration. But I'm sold on this book. Thank you


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