Monday, 6 January 2014

" Beyond Grace's Rainbow " by Carmel Harrington

I came across this author on Twitter, where I have discovered amazing talent, and she's an Irish author too! Judging by the amazing reviews and the fact that it had won the March 2013 Kindle Book Award and was recommended by Bord Gais Energy Book Club,  it seemed I just had to get myself a copy.  I am glad I did......

Grace has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and knows that the only hope she has is finding a suitable bone marrow donor.  None of her friends are matches and, as she was adopted as a baby, there are no family members to test.  She is a single Mum to Jack and has raised him alone, albeit with the support of her close group of friends.  These friends are her coping mechanism and, along with Jack, keep her motivated.
As the need for a donor becomes more and more of a priority, Grace and her friends decide to track down her birth mother in the hope of prolonging Grace's life.  With some unofficial detective work and a few road trips, the search begins.

Although the subject matter of this novel is not upbeat, the characters bring the book to life.  I would certainly be grateful for Grace's wonderful friends and their constant support and rallying.  As awful it must be to discover you have cancer, to have the constant presence of these friends would definitely be a benefit to any sick person and make the rounds of chemo and sleepless nights seem worth the fight.

Carmel Harrington has written a warm, endearing tale of a woman's journey through illness, good and bad.  It is more a novel of spirit and friendship, love and hope, than one of medical procedures. It will make you laugh, make you cry and make you want to be part of this tight circle of friends. It will stay with you well after you have turned the last page.  Well worth the £2.99 on Kindle!

Carmel can be contacted on Twitter @HappyMrsH 

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