Friday, 28 February 2014

" The Amber Fury " by Natalie Haynes

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Alex Morris has escaped to Edinburgh in order to forget her past.  She finds herself helping a group of troubled teens who, for varied reasons, have been kicked out of mainstream schools.  Through her teaching of Greek Tragedies and her interest in these forgotten children, she inspires them to look at life from a different perspective. When her past seeps into her present, things get out of control and Alex is oblivious to it all.  Has the madness of the Greek Plays, with all their murder, mayhem and bizzare twists, inspired the class to change for the better or worse? And why does she now need a lawyer?

This debut novel is a high grade, stunningly written drama that will have you turning pages at great speed.  Natalie has managed to link the infamous Greek Tragedies into everyday life, often without the reader being aware of it.  The characters are strong and the descriptions of Edinburgh are fantastic.  I could almost feel the dampness of the ground and feel the atmosphere as Alex walked familiar routes through the town.
The writing in this novel is beautiful. It almost glides off the page and reads like the work of an established author, with many awards under their belt.  Outstanding debut which would make a great movie!

The Amber Fury is published on 6th March by Corvus 
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