Friday, 28 February 2014

" How to get a (love) life " by Rosie Blake

Thanks so much to the girls at for the ARC of this book........

Nicola is a creature of habit. Her flat is immaculately clean, her office desk organised to within an inch of it's life and her menu planned weeks in advance.  She desperately needs to get a life. And soon, as her work colleague, Caroline dares her to get herself a date for Valentine's Day.  Nicola accepts the challenge and here is where the fun starts....
Nicola tries many means of finding a man. This leads to some laugh out loud encounters that I could imagine  must be based on real life. A carpentry class, a date with a famous actor who she hates, a freezing kayak in a borrowed wet suit and a chance meeting with a Ferret Breeding, lute playing guy, are just some of the moments the reader can cringe along with Nicola.

This is such a funny book.  I have read a lot of  Chick Lit recently, but this is by far my favourite . I'm not the age demographic for this novel (I'm 41) but I could still picture the dire dates that I would have to go on, had I not met my soulmate 20 years ago.  This book is a great bit of fun and thank God Novelicious gave Rosie the chance to get this published. Can't wait to read the next one, Rosie!

Rosie can be contacted via Twitter @RosieBBooks and is great for a bit of banter :)

How to get a (love) life is published by NovelicousBooks

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