Wednesday, 12 February 2014

" One Night At The Jacaranda " by Carol Cooper

I received a copy of this book from the author for review purposes.

The old saying  "never judge a book by its cover" is very true in this case.  Not a cover that I would normally pick up and inspect further, but the contents more than made up for it!

This novel is the story of a group of people who sign up for a speed dating evening at The Jacaranda.  Each person is searching for something, be it love, escape or just friendship and as their lives intermingle, the reader is treated to individual stories of hope, loss and change.  All unique,  the characters are just fantastic and have endearing qualities despite their vast differences.....A lawyer, a convict, a journalist, a doctor and other diverse personalities, all so cleverly written and each with their own soft spots.  My favourite was Sanjay, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is determined to enjoy his last time on earth.  A warm and genuine guy,  I felt all his woes and admired him for his courage under such dreadful circumstances.  I also really enjoyed the chapters on Geoff, the lonely GP, who misses his son since his divorce and who is getting a bit jaded in his medical practice and all it entails. His patients drive him crazy and he often questions why he chose general practice.  A good man,  with a good heart, I could almost see him biting his tongue as the frustrations of the practice, and its demanding patients, push him to the limit.

The common thread within this group of people is the longing for someone special. Someone to talk to, moan to and basically just be with.  No matter what your backround is, where you come from or where you plan on going in life,  we all need someone special.  This novel depicts this idea perfectly.
A doctor, journalist and author, Carol Cooper really gives the perfect mix of her expertise, without overkill.
Great writing, perfectly constructed chapters, and a real mixture of characters, make this a damn good book. 
Highly Recommended........

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