Wednesday, 12 March 2014

" Hands Off My Honey " by Jane Chapman and Tim Warnes

I am always delighted to review children's books and when this one arrived in the post there was a resounding chourus of " Aaaaawww " from the family. Beautiful colours and stunning illustrations are the first thing that grab you with this picture book.  The story is of how bear has a huge pot of honey and will not share it with anyone.  The little forest creatures watch on as he takes the pot and starts tucking in.  They hatch a plan to get to the honey and this story just gets cuter and cuter!

A wonderful take of the importance of friendship and how sharing really is caring.  The pictures are some of the nicest I have seen since "Guess how much I love you" and the youngest child in this house was enthralled.  The next oldest loved the rabbits and my personal favourite was mole.  A great book for reading over again and again, I can definitely see this as a firm favourite on many bookshelves. Suitable from age 2-6 years.

Hands off my honey is published by Little Tiger Press and is available from good booksellers and online retailers.

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