Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Top 5 reads for Spring 2014


We are almost through the first quarter of the year and I thought it would be a perfect chance to pass on my top 5 reads since January.  It was not an easy task to choose these, and please be assured, that while I have read some amazing books this year, I had to narrow it down.  So, here they are.....Drum roll please!!!

1. ZENITH HOTEL By Oscar Coop-Phane - Published by Arcadia Books

A completely wonderful book. A gritty, realistic look at the darker side of Paris through the eyes of a prostitute and her clients.  Short and perfectly formed, overlook this novel at your own peril !!


2. UNRAVELLING OLIVER By Liz Nugent - Published by Penguin Ireland

A stunning debut novel by an Irish author who has shot to number one on the Irish Times Bestseller list.  This novel opens with Oliver beating his wife into a coma and the story unfolds, chapter by chapter.  Engrossing.


3. GOLDEN BOY By Abigail Tarttelin - Published by Phoenix

The eye-opening story of Max, an inter-race teenager and how a decision made by his parents, on his behalf, has affected his future.  I finished this in one sitting, seriously!


4. THE DEAD WIFE'S HANDBOOK By Hannah Beckerman - Published by Penguin

A heartfelt story of a wife and mother watching her family learning to live life without her, one day at a time. Made me thankful for all that I have.....


5. BEYOND GRACE'S RAINBOW By Carmel Harrington - Published by Harper Impulse

When Grace finds out she has cancer, and needs to find a suitable bone marrow donor, it leads to a journey of discovery, hope and fear.  A novel which shows the power of friendship....

That's my Fave Five.....So hard to whittle it down but if you want to see more of my recommendations, just scroll through the blog for more wonderful reads.  All the reviews from my top 5 are also ready to view by just clicking on the links on the right hand side.  




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