Monday, 7 April 2014

" Beautiful Day " by Kate Anthony

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review........

Rachel is starting a new job after being out of the workforce for years.  Her husband has left her and her three children, for a younger model, and finances are tight.  An Au Pair is hired, and soon she swaps the school run for a part time job as a link worker in a care home.  She is given the job as key worker for Philip, a grown man with learning disabilities who has arrived at the home following the death of his elderly mother.  A relationship of trust and friendship builds between Philip and Rachel as she helps him adjust to living away from everything and everyone he has ever known.  However, someone else in the care home is pulling all the strings and things begin to change for Philip, despite Rachel's best efforts.

Kate Anthony has worked as a social worker and her knowledge of the area of assisted living is obvious within the pages of the book.  Her character, Rachel, is going through some difficult times in her life and has to deal with the trauma of her breakup as well as her kids day to day issues. Add on the job of care worker and this leads to some stressful days.  However, I couldn't connect with the character when she was not with Philip, and found it a bit odd that she had her work life organised so well, but her time with her children was tense and very hit and miss.  The writing was average and at times reminded me of the "true life" style of Cathy Glass.  I really enjoyed Philip and his story.  I think the novel may have appealed more to me, had it been more about him and the other residents of the care home.  Rachel is very bitter over her husbands departure but to the extent that she runs the risk of losing respect from her family.  
The Au Pair was spot-on.  I had one very similar myself, many moons ago, and remember all too well how she ended up being more work than the children!

All in all, Beautiful Day is a nice easy read and although it is not my normal type of book, there is a huge market out there for it.  I wish the author all the best with it's release.....

Beautiful Day is published by Penguin and published on 10th April 2014 in paperback and ebook format.

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