Wednesday, 30 April 2014

" Big Bad Owl " by Steve Smallman and Richard Watson

Thanks to Little Tiger Press for the review copy of this book ......

Owl is grumpy.  Everyone in Cupcake Wood is feeling happy and enjoying the wonderful day.  Owl is just not feeling it.  He would rather go to his Grumpy Branch on his tree and stay away from all the happiness.  But the animals in the wood are not letting him get away with it that easily.....
With beautiful illustrations and easy to follow wording, this picture book is perfect for toddlers learning about emotions.  It shows that everyone gets bad days but it's so much more fun to allow happiness into your life!

The only potential problem is that one of Owl's catchprases is " Flap Off " which, my kids pointed out, sounds very like a well known phrase that we all try to protect our children from..... However, it caused some great fits of giggles when we were reading it :)

I really like this book and will definitely add it to the bulging bookcase !!!

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