Wednesday, 2 April 2014

" Space Penguins - Planet Peril " by L.A Courtenay. Review by Mia Madden age 10.

Thanks to Laura at Stripes Publishing for the review copy of this book.....

This is the story of four penguin friends who have travelled to Planet Splurdj in their spaceship, The TunaFish. When they land they meet King Hubba Blubba and go to the new space zoo.  The Oozis are evil snot-coloured aliens who are trying to capture the space penguins for the space zoo.

I really enjoyed this book and it was really funny, with lots of good puns!  I woiuld love to read more of the Space Penguin series.....

I recommend this book for age 7+

By Mia, age 10.

Space Penguins - Planet Peril is published by Stripes Publishing and is available in paperback.

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