Sunday, 22 June 2014

" First We Take Manhattan " by Colette Caddle

Thanks to publishers for approving my request for a review copy of this book via NetGalley......

This book has been available in Ireland, in trade paperback, and as Kindle edition, since march 2014.  The regular paperback will be released on 14th Aug.

Sinead and Sheila Fields are identical twins. Sheila disappeared almost a year ago and Sinead is not coping with the loss very well at all.  Feeling helpless, emotional and like she is missing a limb, she seems to be pushing everyone away from her. Even her boyfriend is finding her beyond help.  When her accountant brother discovers how bad things have become, in her business as well as her personal life, he gets her to accept that she needs to get a grip and begin her life again.  Part of this deal is bringing in a new staff member who can help the millinery business regain momentum.  Sheila had been part of the company, and without her, Sinead has let things slip. In comes Dubliner, Krystie, recently returned from Manhattan and dying to get back to work in the world of fashion.  When she realises who she will be working for, the memory of a familiar face in Manhattan comes back to her and she questions her need to share some information with Sinead. Will it help or hinder?

I always enjoy Colette Caddle's books. You can count on her.  They are well written, have great characters and the stories usually keep me guessing til the end.  This was certainly true with First we take Manhattan.  lots of interlinking storylines, and nuggets of information drip fed throughout, make for a page turner.  The twins family feature a lot and I like the fact that they are not perfect.  Who's family are?  
The world of hats was a strange choice, but the author did enough research to make it a viable career choice for the girls.  The story is centered around losing a family member but also delves into the 'skeletons in the closet' area, which we all know and love......

A great read, perfect for summer, making you wish you could have a glass of bubbly while wearing a great big sunhat !!  A special shout out for the stunning artwork on the cover too.

Remember, First we take Manhattan is available in good bookshops in trade paperback and will be on general release from Simon & Schuster from 14th Aug. You can order via link below. Enjoy!

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