Thursday, 26 June 2014

I have been nomintated for "The Very Inspiring Blog Award", thanks to Sandra Danby

Thanks to Sandra Danby for my nomination!
Here is her original post:

Some Bloggers don't rate these awards, but I do.  They show how other people view your work and it's a lovely way to thank someone for all the hard (unpaid) work that goes into blogging...... Here's what this award is all about:

I think the world of book reviewing is changing at a rapid pace. While the newspaper and media reviews are obviously still hugely important, they books gets one mention and only if selected by a strict selection within the publication's criteria.  I often wonder who gets to choose which books will be reviewed for the broadsheets, as often the same writers/publishers are in all the supplements around publication time and we see the same authors names again and again.  In the world of Book Blogging, anything goes! Personally, I review everything except sci-fi and fantasy and love to rotate the genres as much as possible to give all authors a chance.  I love debuts, independent authors and literary works.  However, having built up a great relationship with certain publishing houses, I get very exited for their new releases and watch for book post on a daily basis!
I hate spoilers, so if a blog tells me the ending, I will not read their reviews again and have to read reviews on GoodReads with caution for this very reason.  I'm a sucker for a Giveaway and am delighted when they are International, as living in Ireland, I miss out on all the UK or US only ones.  I love author interviews, especially when not just about the book.  I like to know a bit about the person behind the story.
I enjoy the odd classic book review and ones I may have missed the first time around, which is why I do a monthly Random Recommendation Giveaway on BleachHouseLibrary.  You may come across a title that blows you away, but because it's a bit older, you missed out on the reviews and recommendations.

Anyway, that's my criteria for a good, honest, balanced book blog.  However, some of my list below are genre specific and that's great.  I can pick and choose from a pool of resources and all's good within the world of books!

Seven Things You May Not Know About Me:

I won two medals for figure skating.
I play cello, badly.
I worked for a British Airline for 11 years.
I am afraid of DaddyLongLegs
I can't swim but love the beach.
I have Jane Austen quote tattooed down one side of my torso.
I have never read Wuthering Heights (shock horror).

My List of Inspiring Blogs:

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