Saturday, 12 July 2014

3 Celebration Giveaways. Open INT. My way of saying thanks to my 1500 followers!

I started this blog less than a year ago and have met the most wonderful people who, like me, adore books.  Having reached 1500 followers on Twitter, I thought the best way to say thank you would be having a giveaway.  Three separate giveaways, in fact.   Each bundle consists of a paperback copy of some amazing Irish authors work and a little notebook.  The giveaways are open INT and you can enter all three if you like.  I buy my own books rather than ask authors or publishers, so three is all I could manage this time.  Just click on Rafflecopter links below and best of luck to you all!!!

The first giveaway up for grabs contains Claire Allen's It's got to be perfect along with a cute cupcake notebook. Here's the blurb : 

All Annie Delaney really wants is her happy ever after. A big dress. A big day. A big commitment. She even has a scrap book filled to bursting with ideas for her dream day, her dream home and – of course – her dream man.
Only problem is, the current man on her arm isn’t so much of a dream as a nightmare and as for the man currently in her bed… that’s a whole other disaster in the making.
With her relationship, and her life, heading into a tailspin Annie realises she has to re-examine just what can make her happy, while trying (and failing) not to make things worse.
But it’s never going to be easy – especially when she sees her friend Fionn heading straight towards her own big day with her Mr Right. But then Annie misjudges the difficulties Fionn faces with Mr Right’s very own Little Miss, not to mention the ex waiting in the wings.
Turning to her sister, Darcy, for support Annie has her eyes opened to just what can make you happy – or indeed make you sad. And she ponders that age old question – is there ever such a thing as the perfect relationship?

Next up is Anna McPartlin's  The one I love and a tulips notebook. Here's the blurb:

Once Jane and Alexandra were inseparable - sharing adventures, secrets and big dreams for the future. But when Jane got pregnant at seventeen, they drifted apart.
Seventeen years later, Jane discovers Alexandra has disappeared and she sets about helping Alexandra's broken-hearted husband, Tom, to find his wife.
But in searching for Alexandra Jane is about to confront some big questions about herself. Like, what happened to the high-spirited seventeen-year-old she once was? What will happen if she stops trying to control the world? And does love really mean letting people go?
Two fractured people come together accidentally and in one another they find strength, friendship - and even the beginnings of hope ...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The last giveaway is for a copy of Ciara Geraghty's Lifesaving for beginners and a rose cupcake notebook. Here's the blurb:

Kat Kavanagh is not in love. She has lots of friends, an ordinary job, and she never ever thinks about her past. This is Kat's story. None of it is true. Milo McIntyre loves his mam, the peanut-butter-and-banana muffins at the Funky Banana cafe, and the lifesaving class he does after school. He never thinks about his future, until the day it changes forever. This is Milo's story. All of it is true. And then there is the other story. The one with a twist of fate which somehow brings together a boy from Brighton and a woman in Dublin, and uncovers the truth once and for all. This is the story that's just about to begin . . .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Again, thanks to everyone who has clicked onto BleachHouseLibrary over the past year and for making me feel so welcome in the book blogging community. Big kisses to you all, from Ireland.  Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me anytime @margaretbmadden.


  1. China Dolls Lisa See
    Maeve Binchey favorite Irish author.

  2. Semper Fidelis by Ruth Downie

  3. Asking me to name just one favourite read of this year is really hard! I would probably have to say Thirteen Weddings by Scarlett Bailey.

    Congrats on your 1500 followers x

  4. I couldn't possibly pick just one, have read so many great books this year, congrats on your 1500 followers and thanks for a great givewaway

  5. Congratulations Margaret!!!!
    1, The Guestbook
    2, Sheila O'Flanagan
    3, Dublin

  6. My favourite read of 2014 so far? That's impossible to choose, it always takes me so long to decide my Top Ten of the year. I've just finished Her by Harriet Lane and I know that will be up there in my Top 10

  7. I really love female Irish authors. I have a real soft spot for Marian Keyes.

  8. Thanks for a great blog and a great giveaway. My best read of the year - that's really difficult. Probably in my top ten will be The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman. My favourite Irish author has to be the late great Maeve Binchy. And Ciara Geraghty is from Dublin.

  9. Fav read so far is Outlander, I just adored it. Scottish history, non stop drama, time travel and an epic romance. I'd highly recommend it.

    Fav Irish author is Tana French. No question about, her writing is fab and I'm waiting impatiently for her next book :)

  10. Congratulations and this is such a fabulous giveaway! Roisin Meaney is my favorite Irish author. I'm so glad I read Going Back, it is such a wonderful book! And the last answer is Dublin. I couldn't stop looking at her wonderful books :)

  11. Wow, what a great giveaway! And congratulations on the 1500 followers! As for your questions:
    1. The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me by Lucy Robinson. AND The Teashop on the Corner by Milly Johnson. And...
    2. Marian Keyes
    3. Dublin?

  12. The Summer Queen has been the best read of 2014 for me!

  13. congratulations
    memory book-rowan coleman
    tana french

  14. what a smashing giveaway, love those notebooks. best read this year is The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

  15. Catherine Doran14 July 2014 at 05:43

    My favourite Irish author is Brian McGilloway

  16. Catherine Doran14 July 2014 at 05:44

    Best read in 2014 so far was Brian McGilloway's Hurt

  17. my fave book i've read this year so far it The Help by Kathryn Stokett. my fav irish author is Cecelia Ahern

  18. Congrats to the winners, I will post off ASAP, for those who missed out this time, I will be having a giveaway on 27th July to mark my 1 year blogaversary.....


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