Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"Nantucket Sisters" by Nancy Thayer

I received a copy of this book from Headline, in return for an honest review......

 This novel is based on the close friendship between two girls, on Nantucket island, who every summer , are inseparable. Best friends, closer than expected, due to their very different backgrounds, they make a pact that they are always going to be 'Nantucket Sisters'. Maggie is a year-round islander, living with her single mother and her older brother Ben.  Emily is a summer visitor, her parents own a large summer property on the rich side of the island but Emily spends most of her time at Maggie's house, eating homemade baking and playing make believe games with her friend.  As they grow older, Emily and Ben fall for each other and Maggie is delighted as it means the girls we be together forever.  Things hardly ever work out as dreamy as young girls believe they will, and this case is no different. A handsome stranger, who encounters both girls, draws a huge wedge between them, without them even being aware of it.......

This is my first time reading Nancy Thayer, who is a New York Times Bestselling author of a massive twenty three novels.  I judged the book by its cover, shock horror, as it seemed perfect for a summer read.  I picked it up late one night, as I had just finished a thriller and fancied something different. Soon I was lost in the world of Nantucket. The small island has always been somewhere I want to visit, and this book made me remember why.  The sound of the ocean, the quaint building, small local community and the fantastic summer season galas, parties and street fairs.  Boats bobbing in the background and the sound of rubber flip-flops slapping along sandy beaches.  The characters are all given equal time and I actually loved every one in their own way.  Genuine people, with different upbringings, each with their own story to tell.  Nancy Thayer has written so many novels, and it shows. She is comfortable in her writing style and doesn't need to go into massive details of clothing, cars, interior descriptions but instead concentrates on the narrative, using the amazing backdrop of Nantucket as a fantastic frame for the tale.
Not too short, not too long, great characters and a wonderful, wonderful holiday feeling throughout, makes this a perfect summer read. I will be adding this authors previous novels to my wish list, for sure.

Nantucket Sisters is published by Headline currently available in ebook format and will be released in paperback in March 2015

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