Thursday, 31 July 2014

"This Is The Water" by Yannick Murphy

I received a copy of this title from Headline in return for an honest review.......

The story of a murderer watching the every stroke that a young swimmer performs. The parents of a swim team.  The secrets that are hidden within everyone.  The determination of both athletes and their families. The parents right to protect their children.

 The narration is told from the second person, starting almost every line with " This is the... ".  I can honestly say that I gave up.  I couldn't take the style any longer.  It reminded me of reading those nursery rhyme books " This is the man that killed the cat, that ate the mouse, that stole the cheese...".etc.  I drove me insane.  I had looked forward to the book so much as the blurb sounds amazing.  However, not only did the style annoy me, the long, drawn out sections about being a swim team mom really irritated me too.  Their super, expensive swimsuits were mentioned more than I care to remember, the heat of the arenas, the getting the kids up early and driving them to practice.  I am a mother of five, and I actually couldn't have cared less.  Annie, the main character was dreary and forever tired. So tired, in fact, that to open a window was a problem.  Really? Then maybe standing at a poolside while timing young competitors may not be a good idea?  I really tried to get into the book more, but eventually, threw it down in despair!  My only fear now is, that it will end up winning some amazing literary prize and I will have virtual egg all over my reviewers face....

It's a love/hate book, it seems.  I am on the hate side.

This is the water is published by Headline and is released in paperback and ebook on 1st Aug 2014


  1. This is the comment box near the bottom of the page. This is the word that starts the first comment in the comment box. This is the thing about starting everything with "this" - it's tiring me out already too.

    This is not, by the sound of it - and I'm guessing here because I haven't read the book, now where was I again? - this isn't the clever stylistic device used by, for example, David Peace in his brilliant novel about the footballer and manager Brian Clough ("Damned United", where the repetitions are like the repetitive strain injuries of professional footballers and their managers, the routines, over and over again, day after day, week after week, season after season after season), is it?

    This is the kind of book that I exercise my right as a reader to give up shortly after starting (or in this case not even starting, after reading Margaret's review). This is a full stop.

    1. This is just the best comment ever!!!! I fairness, some people have loved it, but this is me saying thumbs down :(

  2. Having reviewed this myself on my blog today – along with another water-related novel you might enjoy more – your review really made me smile. I did read to the end but sitting on the fence in relation to that peculiar style. Was wondering what other bloggers would have made of it.

    1. I loved Barracuda and that had water in it too....but writtens o well. This left me shivering cold at the side of the damn pool !!


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