Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"No Time For Bed" by Alison Edgson & Annette Rusling

Thanks to Little Tiger Press/ Catepillar Books for the review copy of this title.......

I am a sucker for kid's picture books and love ones with a cute story as well as great graphics.  This has both.  

Alfie is told it is time for bed, but, like all toddlers, has far too much to do and thinks that it's not a good idea. He has ships to sail, adventures in the jungle, snowy mountains to be climbed and a castle to protect.  A child's imagination is a wonderful thing and this book shows how they don't need the expensive toys of gadgets to enjoy playtime.  Mommy bear is a constant presence and Alfie feels safe in his make-believe world.

This story is the perfect length for young toddlers and an ideal book for bedtime, as also has an added bonus of a musical/light up page which plays a soothing lullaby.  
Beautifully illustrated with lots of classic toys to spot, this is well worth buying for any budding adventurers or hesitant sleepers.....

Ideal for ages 1-3

No Time For Bed is published by Caterpillar Books and is available in bookshops and from online retailers.

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