Saturday, 2 August 2014

"The Broken Spell" by Erika McGann - Review by Mia Madden aged 10

Thanks to O'Brien Press for sending a review copy this book ..............

This book is the sequel to the award winning book, The Demon Notebook, which was just awesome.  You can read my review and interview with the author here.

Grace and her friends are back for some more witchy adventures.  They are taken to a hidden witch supply store by Ms. Lemon.  Grace looks into an ancient mirror and sees a creepy creature staring back at her.  In the shop, Jenny finds a spell to bring you into the past and writes it down for later.  The girls use the spell to look into the past of Ms. Lennon, as well as Mrs. Quinlan and find there was another girl in their group who is now Grace's new teacher, Ms. Gold.  
Along with finding out out about the teachers pasts, a new girl joins Grace and her friends as the start learning cool new spells.  Also, the MirrorMan, from the shop, starts following Grace, after he comes back with them from the past

I enjoyed this book even more than the first one and can't wait for the third one, The Watching Wood which is due out in September.

The Broken Spell and The Demon Notebook are published by O'Brien Press and are available in paperback now.  The Watching Wood will be published on 15th Sep 2014

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