Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"The Good Girl" by Mary Kubica

I received a copy of this from the publishers in return for an honest review......................

Sometimes, being a book blogger means that you get to discover an author you may have never have encountered through the normal bookselling channels.  This is one such case.  I wouldn’t normally associate Harlequin with thrillers but the MIRA division is a new approach and having read the blurb and seeing the fantastic cover, I was sucked in.  A few pages in, I had to check that this was a debut novel, and it was.  This is an author to watch out for!
Mia Dennett, daughter of a wealthy, prominent Judge and his English born, stunning wife, has always been unique.  A lover of art, independent thinking and basically anything the opposite of her father’s world.  Rarely seen at home since she left at eighteen, Judge Dennett doesn’t seem too worried when she is reported missing by her friend.  Her mother, Eve, knows something is wrong and will do anything to find Gabe Hoffman is assigned the case and traces her last movements.  Meanwhile, Mia is cold, terrified and has no idea what is happening to her........

Mary Kubica has written a story of any mother’s worst nightmare.  The disappearance of her child, no matter what their age.  The Chicago based family are not used to getting their own way and are divided in how to approach the whole ordeal.  Detective Hoffman resents their wealth and power but yet manages to form a connection with Eve.  Their mutual desire to discover what has happened to Mia is the momentum the case needs.  Alongside this, is Mia’s story.  The reader knows from the start where she is and why she is there, but Mia herself doesn’t.  I won’t divulge any more information as it is the unknown that keeps you flicking those pages over.  And flick, I did. Read in one 24 hour period, I loved this book.  It was a perfect pace, dragging you along nicely, great characters, amazing location descriptions and plenty of thrills.  It resembles some of Harlan Coben’s stand alone novels and is a great cross gender novel.  No fluffed out filler chapters, just one great page after another.  A psychological thriller with the flair of a more established author, I can’t wait for Mary’s next book!  Harlequinn MIRA, I am impressed........

The Good Girl is published by Harlequinn MIRA and is available in paperback and ebook 


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, you've sold it to me - another Kindle one click!

    1. Fantastic! I work ;) LOL !!!
      Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Let me know ....


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