Wednesday, 27 August 2014

"The Watching Wood" by Erika McGann - Review from Mia aged 11.

This is the third book from Erika McGann and is another great story about Grace, a trainee witch, and her friends.  This time, while practicing their flame-running ( cool trick with flaming feet ),they get sucked down into the ground.  They then find themselves in a church-like room, full of other wannabe witches.  The fun really begins here...
They find out more about The Witch Trials, a competition involving crazy magic tasks.  There is a also a new character in this book called The Ferryman and Grace needs his help.

I was so thrilled to open up the post and find Erika's latest book inside!  I think she is an amazing author and reading all of her books has made me want to be Grace!  I think the ending of the book means there might be more from this group of young witches.  I really hope so...

PS : I am such a big fan, I am taking Erika as my confirmation name !!!

 Mia & Erika McGann earlier this year

The Watching Wood is published by The O'Brien Press on 15th September 2014 with her previous two titles, The Demon Notebook and The Broken Spell currently available in paperback and ebook format.

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