Monday, 25 August 2014

"Viva Alice" by Judi Curtin - Guest review by Jane Roe, aged 10.

Thanks to O'Brien Press for the review copy of this title, which was read by Jane Roe aged 10.  Here is Jane's review :

This book is about thirteen year old Megan and her exciting best friend, Alice.  It's sort of Megan's diary.  Megan and Alice are invited to go to Lanzarote their friend, Grace. They're having fun in the pool, having barbeques and taking in the sun.  Alice can't resist sorting out Grace's brother, Gavin's, love-life.  Megan must go along with Alice's overboard plans, even if they do involve mean girl, Melissa.

This is my first Alice and Megan book.  I wasn't too sure about reading it at first, but I now I am eager to read the other books in the series.

It's just full of Alice's crazy schemes.  I think Judi Curtin is a brilliant author and she has great ideas.  I recommend this book to girls age 9+

Viva Alice is published by O'Brien Press and is available in paperback or ebook format.

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