Tuesday, 30 September 2014

#BloggerShelfie for The O'Brien Press


I was a bit panicked when asked to share my shelfie as the majority of the books in Bleach House are kept in our library, and as they are in alphabetical order, I was afraid that my book tastes would not be seen as a whole.  However, there are books all over the house and I just grabbed a few that are among my favourites and took separate photos of the two younger kid's bookshelves.  I was afraid to enter the teenager's rooms!

As you can see, I have mixed taste.  The classics, contemporary fiction, thrillers, women's fiction and basically anything except sci-fi and fantasy.  As we foster, there are lots of kids books around the place and right now the blue band O'Brien Press is the age group used most.  YA is also hitting the spot.  My all time favourite book is Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca and I have a first edition which I will never part with!

With over 3000 books to choose from, you would think I would stop buying books. But, despite my husband's efforts, I still buy on a weekly basis!


  1. Look at all the pretty books! I loved Rebecca too! I don't think I moved off the sofa until I finished that book! (Oh, that evil Mrs. Danvers!)

  2. I love looking at your bookshelves, they are amazing!


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