Friday, 19 September 2014

"Hide and Seek - Part 2" by Amy Bird ( with UK Competiiton : WIN A TRIP TO PARIS )

For those of you who have read the first part of Hide and Seek, today is the day that you can buy the next installment and find out what happens next......

Now six months pregnant, Ellie and Will are more distant than ever.  But do they each realise how large the gap is?  
Will is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was adopted, and that his past was based on a lie.  He embarks on a strange journey of self-discovery, which leads to  some random thoughts and dreams ( bizzare and quiet tiresome ) and ignores his wife as he becomes more and more obsessed with his childhood.  
Meanwhile, Ellie does her own detective work to discover what caused the adoption in the first place. She is pretending, to herself, that she is doing it for Will's benefit, but the reader gets access to her inner thoughts and she is not a very nice person at all.  She hates her 'mother-in-law', Gillian, and each time she mentions her, the bitterness of her true personality comes to light.  

" I Know that as a mother I will be priceless, eventually.  And so Sophie must be too. "

" Even if she did abandon Will.  But I can teach her how to be a good mother again.  And I'm sure she had her good reasons for leaving.  Gillian was probably one of them. "

"I look at it [ Gillian's car ]. Inside, there are nice plush comfy seats.  Cream seats.  At least if I am going to go into labour early, or the worse thing, the m-word, I will get the satisfaction of doing it on thise seats.  Maybe even manage to get some fluids on that sodding green jacket of hers,"

Neither spouse seems able to see the real person they are married to, which is a disturbing factor adding to the psychological aspect of this suspense novel.  The fact that I hate the character, Ellie, means she is written well.  A woman who can slap her pregnant belly, as the baby moving inside is annoying her, (and then add that she won't ever hit the child when it arrives) is a pretty dark female lead.  The fact that her  husband is having some kind of mental breakdown, without her really noticing, shows how a seemingly perfect marriage can be anything but.

Once again, I can't wait for the next part of this book and despite me hating Ellie, I am curious to see how she handles the cliffhanger ( which I had guessed ) at the end of this part.  

Remember, the first part is free and this part is only 99p.  The final installment is out on 25th Sep.

Hide and Seek is published by Carina and is available in three parts as e-book.

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