Friday, 5 September 2014

" Only Ever Yours " by Louise O'Neill. Review by Erin Madden aged 15.


In this novel, the School is a place where young girls are brought up in ways focused on pleasing men.  In their 16th year, they will attend a ceremony where they will be chosen by the boys to become either companions ( wife types ) or concubines ( more like mistresses, seemingly less desirable ) - Everybody strives to be a companion but who is chosen depends on the lessons they have been taught, from the age of 4. Their beauty is their only asset.

I had been struggling to find an enjoyable book for a while, until this was recommended and bought for me.  It's the first one I have finished in over a month.  Interesting Cover. Unique idea. Darker than the average YA. It really made me think about the pressure to be 'perfect' in reality.  I grew attached to the main character, Freida and found myself worried along with her.  It's really well written and has great character development.

Over all I genuinely enjoyed reading this book.  I think the author did a great job of making it unpredictable.  I would think "it's going to end this way" but I would find myself completely wrong.  I would definitely read more of Louise O'Neill's work!

Only Ever Yours is published by Quercus and is available in paperback or ebook format

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  1. Great review! Very helpful and it sounds like a book I would really like!


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