Monday, 6 October 2014

"Hide And Seek - Part 3" by Amy Bird, with a chance to win a trip to France.

The third and final part of Amy Bird's book is now available and thanks to publisher for sending me a copy.  It meant that I could read all three parts, one after the other.

Will continues to deteriorate and is now headed to Paris, to confront his birth mother.  He has revenge on his mind,  but is his mental state going to confuse things even more?   Menawhile, back in the UK, Ellie and her mother-in-law, Gillian, come to blows and an early labour causes promises to be made under duress.  Is Ellie ready for the wrath of a mother?  Has she met her match?

"Gillian comes closer to me.  She's actually standing in the watery goo at my feet.  But she doesn't stop there.  She leans in towards me and wraps her hands around my wrists.  Tight.  OK, so I was wrong.  I do have room for fear."

The third part of this book moves along at great speed, flitting from Paris and London and back again.  The peek into Will's inner thoughts are dark and scary and yet, somehow, the suspense back in the UK, with the face-off between Gillian and Ellie, is the one that made me want to turn the pages faster.  Ellie is truly a despicable character, but yet again, Will cannot see her true colours.  I wanted to jump into the book to let him know what he is actually dealing with.  The tension builts to a crescendo and the author pulls the reader along, speeding up like a train with no need to slow on approach to its destination.  A great read from an author I had yet to encounter.  I will definitely read more of her work after enjoying this thrilling three-part thriller.  Having the book in three parts is also a great idea, as each part is perfect for reading in one sitting!

Hide And Seek - Part 3 is published by CarinaUK and is available in ebook format.

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