Friday, 14 November 2014

"Earth Angels Are Everywhere - Are You One? Poems and guidance for an Earth Angel" by Dolores Keaveney

Guest review from Ruth Dunne

This short book contains poems, quotations and short reflections celebrating the everyday acts of kindness and thoughtfulness which ordinary people perform every day.

It encourages us to carry out similar acts ourselves and to be aware of the benefits which simple acts of generosity can bestow others, particularly those who may be struggling in their own lives.

The book is probably best used as a source of inspiration or quiet reflection to be dipped into from time to time.  It could also be useful as a resource for primary and secondary school teachers for SPHE and religious education and provoking discussion or providing a starting point for prayer or meditation groups.

Earth Angels are everywhere; are you one?The book looks at the small kind acts of everyday life and the thoughtful moments that make a difference. It highlights man's humanity to man and poses the question. Do you make a difference?

A percentage of the proceeds of this book will go to Plan Ireland, a Children's Charity whose Patron is John Hume. I am a long time sponsor with Plan Ireland and if you purchase this book you will be helping to save children in the developing world.

"The touching artwork and simple yet profound message of this book help me to step back from the world of deadlines and responsibilities. To sit once again in the heart; pondering the magic of possibility.  Bring on the Earth Angels, they are needed now." LUCINDA DRAYTON, Spiritual Singer/Songwriter. 

Earth Angels Are Everywhere is available in paperback format and can be ordered via the author's website  or from Amazon.

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