Saturday, 15 November 2014

"The Brave Kitten" by Holly Webb. Guest review from Kate Roe, aged 7.

Guest review from Kate Roe, aged 7.

This story is about a young girl called Helena who helps out at the local vet surgery where her older cousin, Lucy works.  On the way to the surgery one day, they find an injured kitten under a car.  They feel sorry for the kitten and take him straight to the clinic.  Helena loves this cat and takes care of him as longs as he's at the surgery.  There he is operated on and gets a cast.  Caramel (as Helena calls him) has no chip or collar.  He has nobody to claim him.  He's homeless.  Caramel is fed up of being stuck in the clinic!  Will anyone give this poor kitten a home?  Who will claim him?  Find out in The Brave Kitten.

The Brave Kitten is a lovely story about a girl and a cute little cat called Caramel.  Helena ia my favourite character because she is so kind to Caramel after his injury.  I am a cat lover so this book really suits me.  I think Holly Webb is a great writer and I would love to read more of her animal books.  

I would recommend this book to 7 to 10 year old girls.

The Brave Kitten is published by Stripes Publishing and is available in paperback.

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