Wednesday, 12 November 2014

"The Burning Room" by Michael Connelly. Guest review from Declan Madden

We received a copy of this title from, in return for an honest review.

The Burning Room is the latest novel in the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly . In this outing Harry is part of the new Open-Unsolved unit of Robbery-Homicide Division in the LAPD . In keeping with the operating procedures of this unit whereby experienced investigators are paired with rookies ,Harry finds himself partnered with Lucy Sato . Harry and Lucy find themselves assigned a real cold case when the victim of a shooting 10 years previously dies as a result of an infection . The only new physical evidence available is a damaged bullet which had lodged close to the victim’s spine and had remained there for 10 years .

Harry does what he does best and starts to pull at the threads in the case to see what unravels and for once seems to have found a kindred spirit in his new partner . Lucy herself has a troubled back story and seems intent on solving another case which Harry reluctantly gets dragged into . Harry is conscious of the fact that he has only 1 year left until he can retire with full benefit so he is trying to toe the line by avoiding any disciplinary issues .

Long time fans will realise that Harry and regulations are strange bedfellows indeed . What follows is a well crafted crime thriller we have come to expect from Connelly and the action rattles along at a pace .

The Harry Bosch series is now over 20 years old and he has become an iconic character in that time . Never afraid to take on the establishment in order to do things his way , Harry has found that the new breed of investigator relies more on technology rather than grunt work to solve cases and he has decided to do what is necessary to see out his final year . It is noticeable that he is a much calmer person in this book and that most of his demons ,of which there were many , have abated .

 I had the pleasure of attending an evening with Michael Connelly last year in Dublin where he was interviewed by fellow author John Connolly . Both admitted that they would have a harder time if their main characters were to be killed off and so I hope to see more of Harry Bosch over the next few years .

A definite must read for all Bosch fans .

The Burning Room is published by Orion Books and is available in Hardback and Ebook format.

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