Sunday, 21 December 2014

"An Island Christmas" by Nancy Thayer

Thanks to for the review copy of this book, under the title 'Christmas on Chestnut Street' 

Nantucket once again comes to life, at Christmas time, in this seasonal novel from Best Seller, Nancy Thayer.  With some familiar characters and places, the island is now about to become a wedding venue on the 25th December.  The bride-to-be is back home for the last minute preparations and the holiday spirit is in full flow as the neighbours throw parties, shopping begins and presents are wrapped.  Life of Nantucket is always idyllic in Nancy Thayers novels, and this one is no different.  

Herein is the problem.  The well bred, wealthy islanders seem to have nothing to complain about. Ever.  The biggest problem they have is when the cat breaks a few Christmas ornaments.  There is always plenty of food (the best of the best), lots of booze, plenty of heat, cosy jumpers, and an endless supply of friends.  Nantucket is obviously a truly amazing location, but surely there must be something new to write about?  The summer season is full of holiday makers and part time residents.  The Christmas season is full of all-year-rounders who march down main street every year with the town crier hollering his jaunty news.  A Christmas wedding could have made for a different angle, but it was a wasted opportunity.  More descriptions of the main streets, this time with white horses and red leather lined carriage.  The characters were over sweet, if a bit cloying and the story was fragile.  

I really enjoyed Nantucket Sisters, which I reviewed earlier this year and A Nantucket Christmas was a nice read too.  However, this one was just not for me.  It seemed a bit like overkill of the Christmas theme and was a disappointment.  Possibly more suitable for Granny's Christmas read.   Fingers crossed for the next novel...

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