Monday, 8 December 2014

"Bing: Bedtime" by Ted Dewan

Thanks to Lisa from for the review copy of this title...

Toddler books can be difficult to get right.  A lot depends on the illustrations and the wording is minimal.  Colours are important and it helps if the story has a purpose.  Luckily, Harper Collins has hit the jackpot with this super sweet book from Ted Dewan.  
The primary colours are the first thing I noticed about this title.  The arrangement is bright and hops off the page.  The accompanying story is one that all parents know, trying to get a routine at bedtime.

Bing, the little black rabbit, is trying to avoid bed.  He has had a long day and is assisted by his favourite toy, Flop.  They run through the routine together and this includes a bath, brushing teeth and a trip to the loo.  Of course, a bedtime story is mentioned, and the last page asks the reader what order do they have for their bedtime routine.  Although the children in this house are too old for this book,  they actually loved it!  They really enjoyed the illustrations and then had great fun with the routine map at the end.  I think a toddler would ask for this story again and again as it is so much fun.

Bing and Flop are just adorable characters.  I would definitely recommend this for ages 1-3 and will make sure to get a copy for my nephew...

Bing: Bedtime is published by Harper Collins Children's Books and is available in paperback and ebook format 

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