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'Waiting For Doggo' by Mark B. Mills

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Daniel is the recipient of a goodbye note from his girlfriend of four years, Clara.  Not only has she dumped him, without warning, but she has also left her rescue dog, Doggo, behind.  Daniel and Doggo are by no means best mates.  Actually, they are pretty much ignoring each other.  Doggo is a mutt, described by many as one of the ugliest dogs they have ever seen.  Daniel is, however, glad of the company, as the departure of Clara means more time alone in his apartment.  Himself and Doggo begin to settle in to a routine and they become almost inseparable.  

When Daniel starts a new job, he insists Doggo is allowed come to the office and pretty soon, the dog becomes part of the furniture.  He learns to deliver letters, has the ladies bringing him for haircuts and shows that looks are not everything.  Daniel finds friendship through his canine friend and sees life differently.  He now notices when Doggo doesn't like someone, usually with good reason, and is amazed to learn that his pet has a crush on Jennifer Anniston.  All in all, life has not turned out so bad.  But, Daniel thinks someone may be missing Doggo and knows that the Battersea Dogs Home may hold the key to finding out more about Doggos past.  With the help of his new co-worker, Edith, the search for Doggos previous owner begins.  There is also the question of his own past.  A possible secret has surfaced and needs more investigating....

Mark Mills has written a tale of friendship.  Not everyone is a dog lover, some are more tolerant than others and Daniel really didn't have an opinion, one way or the other, before he found himself the sole carer of Doggo.  His newly single status affects him less than his newly found pet-ownership.  His previous lack of responsibility and his laid back lifestyle has never been an issue before, but now, thanks to Doggo, he can see the pointlessness, the lack of direction and the need for maturity in his own life.  

With a similar tone to Nick Hornby's About A Boy, this is a story of growing up.  Not in years, or in a coming-of-age way.  It shows how a grown man can actually do some growing up, with the help of the right friends, and move onto the next stage of his life.  Sometimes it is a woman who instills this change, perhaps becoming a father could be the catalyst.  Maybe watching family members grow up, move on, get married or start new lives abroad.  For Daniel, Doggo is his motivation.  

A short, sweet novel which gets under your skin and has the reader cheering on as Doggo and Daniel take on their world, one day at a time, together.  Very enjoyable with memorable characters that linger long after the last page is turned.


Waiting For Doggo is published by Headline Review and is available in Hardback and ebook format

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