Monday, 19 January 2015

"Darkmouth" by Shane Hegarty - Children's Fiction

Thanks to the publishers, we received an ARC of this title...


This book is about a boy called Finn, who lives in a village that is raided by monsters or 'Legends'.  Finn is a legend hunter but he is a bit bad at actually hunting the legends.  When trying to hunt a 'Minotaur' his dad has to come and finish it off.  But Finn finds a mysterious crystal in the dust and keeps it for himself.  He doesn't know that this crystal is like a gateway that the legends use to raid his village.  Will he even find out his power? 

I loved this book because action, adventure and a bit of mystery thrown in there too.  
The chapter lengths are nice and short (approx 12 pages per chapter).  I haven't seen the illustrations yet as this was a proof copy, but I am looking forward to seeing the drawings to go along with the story.  It is a bit of a coincidence because my brother is called Finn, and he is about the same age!!

I recommend Darkmouth for ages 9+

Darkmouth is published by HarperCollins Children's Books and is available in hardback or ebook format on 29th January 2015

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  1. Mia, I'm delighted you enjoyed Darkmouth so much - especially as you're one of the very first to read it. You'll love the illustrated version when you see it. Thanks again.


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