Friday, 9 January 2015

'Jack Hunter: The Secret of the King' by Martin King. Review by Mia, aged 11.

When Jack Hunter moves to St. Mary's Avenue, he had no idea what will be in store for him.  His Grandad lives nearby and starts talking to Jack about a treasure trove underneath a golf course.  Soon, with the help of his new friends, Jack begins an epic journey of discovery.  The mystery involves an antique key and an old coin which are both clues to the secrets of the past...

This book contains clues to a secret code-breaker.  If you collect the letters at the beginning of each chapter, you will discover the location to where the code-breaker is hidden. 

This book is just under 200 pages of thrills!
Bleach House Library followers will know that I like action, adventure and mystery, so this is seriously my kind of book.  I loved keeping track of the codes and my tip is to write down the numbers at the end of the chapters as well as the letters, on  a piece of paper or post-it, at the front of the book.  It has nice short chapters, perfect for reading homework.

I hear there is a second Jack Hunter book, called The French Connection, on the way, and I am a bit excited!!!!
Perfect for age 9+

'Jack Hunter: The Secret of the King'  is available in paperback and ebook format...

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